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Conway has the same dream every night, becoming a sandworm floating through the void, dodging the mutating cells of the worms own excrements.

This prototype was made for the Berlin Juli Minigame Jam

The theme I picked was Sandworms , so I made a weird snake game, and combined it with the ruleset of Conway`s Game of Life

I could not finish it during the 8 hours of the jam and was sad. So I put in a couple more hours to fix the cellular automata system and the performance

Use Arrow Keys not navigate your inner worm

Became longer and longer by eating the white dots, because this is all we can do.

Dont collide with the mutating cells or your own body. It will not end well.

Version 1.0

Potential Next Steps ( if i have the time to work on this)

  • Fix Performance Issues ( Game runs slow with a lot of cells )
  • Fix Cellular Automata Issues ( The cells sometimes grow not like in Conways Ruleset )
  • Add a Highscore
  • Add strange sounds and music
  • Polish the movement controlls
  • Do something with the baclground ( not that happy with the pure black void)
  • Do something with the death explosion (some particle effects or different enviroment behavior could be nice)
  • Balance the spawning of new cells and other obstacles
  • Add classical Conway patterns ( Still lifes, Oscilliators, Spaceships)
  • Add wired other stuff ( change the GOL rules, add an enemy worm, change growing speed, etc)
PlatformsWindows, Unity
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJoerg Reisig
Tags3D, Abstract, cellular-automata, conways-game-of-life, Game Jam, growing, mutating, snake, Surreal, Top-Down


ConwaysNightmare_PC.zip 10 MB
Original 8 hour Gamejam project ( broken )

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