A computer boot sequence is a ritual in itself.

Deep inside a hyper quantum computer a sentient protocol entity has to fullfil its sacral duties and complete the booting process.

Control the computer entity via WASD or ARROW KEYS
Observe it in 3 perspectives at the same time

Beware strange puzzles have to be solved ...

Non Violent Puzzlegame ( Topview, Ego Perspective, Sidescroller, 10 Levels )

Made for Global Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours

by Alexander Lenski & Jörg Reisig

Music by Cedric Douhaire

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJoerg Reisig
Made withUnity
TagsAbstract, Dungeon Crawler, ggj16, Global Game Jam, Hacking, Non violent, Side Scroller, Split Screen


Eigenstate PC Version 1.04 37 MB
Eigenstate Android Version 1.04 44 MB
Eigenstate Mac Version 1.04 41 MB


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Changed the Web Version to HTML 5 and added a Mac build