Version 1.0

Added a Perlin Noise function to make the landscape a bit more structured.

The generated textures are now saved in the downloadable standalone version ( not possible in the web build sorry )

A Fractal Landscape Generator Tool made for ProcJam 2016

The first prototype was made in 8 hours at the Oktober 2016 Berlin Mini Jam


Planet Surface Generator PC 16 MB
Planet Surface Generator MAC 19 MB
Planet Surface Generator LINUX 19 MB


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Thanks for this tool.

Would you consider posting the code for this on GitHub so it can be modified? I have a few ideas for this, like generating textures from the command line, and randomization.

I think I can do that. I removed the planet generation feature from my game "The Fermi Paradox" so there wont be any conflicts and I could put it on GitHub. It would be awesome others play around with the code. Honestly I have not so much experience with Git collaboration, but I would like to try this with the Planet Generator, because there are still people interested in it. I put it into my to-do list and hope I have time for it soon.