How many chapters can you survive in the abstract maze of Rabirinsu?

  • Use WSAD to move around
  • Get to the goal in the Upper left corner
  • Destroy wall if you need to
  • Do not run out off Fnords!
  • Beware enemies steal your Fnords!

Rabirinsu was made in 8 hours for the August BerlinMiniJam, the theme was "Labyrinth of Colors"

I wanted to play around with Particle Systems in Unity and took the Unity 2D Rougelike Tutorial and reworked the sprites with particle systems.

More information

Published55 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, HTML5
AuthorJoerg Reisig
Tags2D, Abstract, berlin, Colorful, gamejam, labyrinth, maze, minigamejam, reskin, rougelike
Player countSingleplayer


Rabirinsu_Macbuild (24 MB)
Download (56 MB)


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Known Issues :
  • Performance is very bad in some browsers ( Safari ) but it works quite well in Chrome
  • Opponents sometimes make wired moves
What is the maximum chapter that you reached? Post it in the comments, plus any feedback is welcome.