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The Black Goblin climbed the tall walls of the Red Maze to escape.
The Labyrinth itself turns against the fugitive and crumbles away.

Move along the wall and jump chasms to survive ...

Use the Arrow Keys to Control the Black Goblin ( The Cube )

Collect 15 Energy Things to win

I made this game in my first GameJam with the Unity Engine.

The June Berlin Mini Game Jam was limited to 8 hours.

The idea was to combine the elements of endless runner games like Crossy Road, Altos Adventure or Canabalt and games with decaying paths like Shattered Planet, Prince of Persia or The Great Gianna Sisters and put this all on the top of a maze with huge walls.

Version 1.0

Known Issues:

  • Movement speed is not frame independent ( the player will move faster on faster computers and slower on slower computers )
  • Some pillars are not starting to decay immediately after the player moved over them, they start decaying after the player moved over them 2-3 times. ( Copy Paste Error in the Level )
  • When pillars collapse their is a weird scaling issue shortly before they disappear.

Future Improvements ( If i have time to work on this )

  • Generate more pillars if the player reached the edge of the maze.
  • Nicer movement animations of the player.
  • Sound and Music.
  • Try out some kind of enemies or different kind of pillars.


TheReadMaze_GameJamVersion_PC.zip 10 MB
RedMaze_GameJamVersion_Linux.zip 12 MB

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