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Can you improve the game to be more accurate (add more detail)

Still love it btw

you should be able to influence the alien's actions, joerg. imagine a right-click. or a middle-click.

The only possible interaction is, that can give the aliens a little technology boost when clicking on them.
But sometimes something bad can happen when you do that ...

The movement and production of the ships are completely out of the player control
( I wanted to try out how this feels and work out )

Currently I work on a more serious version of the game with the same topic and more control for the player :

next up, in "trying to be Stellaris"...

I love Stellaris <3 but it is so time-consuming! 

So i made a strange 15 minute version of it :)

if it's on Linux, i'll get it.

your game made my laptop crash, joerg.

after playing one round where i didn't understand anything, the game now refuses to launch, joerg.

Sorry about that :( Can you give me some system specifics?
I do not have access to a linux machine very often,
but when I do I like to try out what the problem is.

That got hard to follow fast. But i found enjoyment in how busy everything was.

In my playthrough i had two planets send out a signal at the same time and it was a really nice moment. I wasnt sure how they would react, fear? joy? in the end they became friends :D

Fun game, would break Prime Directive again.

Version 1.1 - I fixed some small bugs and added some more star systems.

Interesting. Going to try this out and leave further comments. I like the fermijam, I hope you work on this further. I like the concept

Thank you. I am actually working on a bigger Fermi Paradox game with more narrative, decisions and less chaos then this one.

You still working on the bigger fermi paradox game/??

Yes I do I want to have something playable from start to finish around summer.

I try to update my progress here and here

Thank you! :) I will have a check at your facebook page. I have seen your twitter-page though

Known Issues :

  • Sometimes ships without names are spawned.

If you want to give feedback or have ideas for interesting planet names, extinction events or features just write something down in the comments below.